Contest Preparation

At Paul’s body Engineering we pride ourselves on our Contest Preparation through accreditation and experience. As a Natural Body Building Competitor and now holding two Pro Cards Paul has first hand experience in Preparation and Competing.

At Paul’s Body Engineering we offer:

  • Reverse dieting protocols post comp

  • Exclusive Facebook forum for support

  • Stage presentation support

  • Posing support and coaching (separate costing)

  • ICN Endorsed Coach

  • Accreditated Sports Nutritionist & Recomp Coach

  • Structured training program through Recomposer body recomposition software

  • Macronutrient tracking and adjustments

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Peak week protocols

  • Backstage support (subject to show location)

If you would like to know more about our packages on offer contact Paul now to discuss your options.

Body Building Contest Preparation

Contest Preparation

$59 per week for one on one personalised training program to get you ready for stage.

*$300 deposit required

What is Recomposer?


Recomposer is an exclusive privilege and benefit of the Recomp Certification program. It is specialised software for delivering an unparalleled professional body recomposition service to clients. It is used for measuring, planning, building and tracking every element of body composition change, diet and training, with strict adherence to the scientific method; i.e. the Recomp Method.

Recomposer is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via web browser on any device. As a Trainer, once trained in Recomposer’s use, you are free to use it as much or as little as you wish, to deliver your body recomposition diet and training programming service to your clients, locally, interstate or internationally.

ICN Show Contest preparation natural body building

Sophie Cudlipp

Paul really does go above and beyond for all of his clients! I have had such an enjoyable time being coached by Paul and couldn’t recommend him enough! I never felt like I was just another number and could always trust in his approach knowing it was backed by knowledge and experience! Thanks again Paul!

Contest preparation natural body building coach

Brooke Pearce

This prep has been the most successful I have ever completed, personally, mentally, physically and the outcome on the day. The support Paul provided went above and beyond what any coach ever has. Not only has it been a successful prep but also a successful reverse diet and this is a testament to Paul's knowledge and skills as a coach.
From the first contact I had with Paul his humble attitude and over eagerness to always help and provide as much information as possible surpassed every expectation I ever had. His customer service is the best in the industry, weekly check-ins, video updates and YouTube videos, constantly checking in on his clients and ensuring we are physically progressing but also a major focus on our mental well being. All my macros and weight programs are custom built to me and what my goals are.
I cannot recommend Paul enough, contest prep, weight loss, muscle gain any form of training you need I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
I am so grateful I found Paul and from my experience he is the best in the industry