Nutritional Coaching

We use evidence based methodologies to ensure success is achieved with each client we have the pleasure of working with.You’ll get a program built on 3 key principles:

  • Proper assessment! I’ll get a clear picture of your current fitness and health

  • Priority focus! From our assessment, we’ll know where to focus your efforts so you reach your goals

  • Progressive plan! Your program will have a clear path from you’re starting point to your end goal

We work with a number of methods, one of the most effective methods being the Flexible Dieting option.

Signing up with Paul’s Body Engineering allows you exclusive access to the PBE Team Facebook Page. Here we have a number of like minded individuals who are also passionate about their health. Paul monitors and leads this page, discussing nutritional advice and often debunking “Healthy” myths. Also a great forum for healthy and balanced meal ideas from all of the clients.

What do you have to loose? Contact Paul today to learn more about your health and nutrition.


Online Nutritional Coaching

Online Nutritional Coaching

$49 per week for personalised nutritional coaching.


Natalie Harnden - Review

“Paul has been great to work with and helping me achieve my fitness, nutrition, weight and lifestyle goals. We chat weekly and I find Paul is very encouraging and supportive. Paul is very knowledgeable and is interested in trying new approaches and offers advice to food choices and exercise options. Paul posts videos about everyday issues we all have and offers realistic and achievable advice. Very happy and will continue to use his services.” 01 Aug 19