How Important is Your Personality?

Any successful Personal Trainer will tell you that a good personality will always benefit your ability to build a good client base and attract the right clients to your service.

Potential clients want trust, honesty and above all else, fun from their Personal Trainer and if you cannot provide that on a consistent basis, then chances are you won’t be as successful as you would have liked.

It is an imperative trait that every new and existing Personal Trainer much possess.

With a world of social media and a highly competitive saturated market, to stand out from the crowd and be that point of difference, a good positive personality will always prevail.

Various environments do require a certain personality to be successful, but that’s not to say you must change your personality to suit the place you work. Instead, know your environment, know your audience and work with what you have in front of you. Knowledge is power.

Gym Floor

When training clients on the gym floor, no matter how you feel or are, a positive experience is always what they are looking for. Provide a fun, positive training experience each and every time, and you can’t go wrong.

From a distance, other potential clients are always watching how you operate and more importantly, interact with your current clients. Therefore, be sure to always provide that positive training environment, engaging the client and ensuring they have a memorable experience.

Even if you aren’t training anyone specific, simple disciplines can be carried out to provide a greater positive reputation for yourself within the gym, such as;

  • saying hello to members

  • asking a member how their weekend was and engaging in ‘small talk’

  • observing and providing simple, free advice to those training on the floor

  • openly engaging in conversation with other gym staff

  • always smile

Online Videos and YouTube

Many trainers these days utilise videos as a way of building a following and gaining traction in a very competitive market. Providing free content allows potential clients to see how knowledge and insightful you can be.

The need for a positive personality on these videos is also very important. While being passionate and somewhat aggressive can play a role in getting the message across if you’re still building your business, a more personable message each time will be more attractive to potential clients.

Think of your presentation, content, and length of video to ensure you don’t lose interest.

Social Media

The use of Social Media these days is a great way to market your business across various portals.

Being smart about the way you post and when you post will allow greater reach and greater traction.

Ensure when the content is delivered, that the message is personable, friendly, attractive, and informative. This is the best way to get a solid reach without having to be controversial, aggressive or rude.

Remember, there can be a lot of negatives on social media; however, if your message is positive, enlightening, fun, factual or even comical, then chances are the reach will be great and responses even better.

A good personality doesn’t always mean face-to-face. The use of online media nowadays is just as important. The messages we send can be interpreted so many ways, so be sure to proof read each post before your final posting.

Posters and Marketing

Whether in the gym or online, the use of marketing material always needs personality to survive in the wash of constant advertising.

If you’re placing posters around the gym, be sure you have researched their design to ensure they are eye catching, attractive, informative and will grab someone when they walk by.

This concept also applies to online marketing. Someone spends an average of 3-5 seconds looking at any one post before moving on, so you only have a short window to grab their attention.

In such a competitive industry where, new Personal Trainers are entering the workplace every 2 months, the need to stand out and be different is ever so important.

To succeed as a Personal Trainer, a positive personality is a must. This will retain existing clients, plus attract many new ones. While this isn’t the only tool for building a good Personal Training business, it certainly is a critical one.