New Years Resolutions

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but did you know a very low percentage of people who set New Years goals see them through. We are now into the first week of February and if you have set a new Year goal, how is it going? Have you put a plan in place to achieve it?

Unfortunately the Fitness Industry is filled with the cautionary tale of those that set their New Years goals too high and end up not achieving them.

Why is it that we focus all our energy every New Year to come up with new goals? Why cant these goals be set anytime throughout the year? Does the magic of a brand New Year mean that new things will happen for us?

I’m here to unfortunately burst that bubble. Goals are achieved through hard work, discipline, focus and commitment and it doesn’t matter when they are set or when they are achieved.

However my first recommendation for anyone who has set a New Years goal is don’t be too ambitious. The bulk of New Year goals are set too far out of reach or even unachievable without smaller goals being hit first and thus why many people fail.

So with this in mind whenever setting goals, look at the bigger picture of course! Never give up on your dreams but then break down that big goal into smaller achievable pieces that once all completed will get you closer to the bigger picture.

Weight-loss is a perfect example. Someone might start the year with an overall goal of a 10kg loss. However, speaking from experience, this takes time. 10kg will not disappear in a matter of weeks so what needs to be done is focus week to week and aim for an average of 500g per week which is a good healthy loss (this is subject to the individual). With this type of short term goal you would be looking at a 20 week timeframe to loose the 10kg. Straight away this is a very achievable short term goal which to the everyday person attempting to lose weight, becomes realistic and in their mind achievable.

If the goal setter honestly believes they can achieve their goal through good, planned out goal setting then they shouldn’t end up failing. This is the key to any goal.

Make it achievable.

Be realistic.

Believe in yourself.

Make smaller objectives to meet the bigger picture

Write down your goal and have it visually available at all times. The more you see it the more your reminded of it.

Don’t think that just because there is a New Year around the corner doesn’t mean you have to wait before setting new goals. There’s no reason why you can’t start a new goal on a Tuesday or a Friday.

Don’t be confided by the boundaries of society and what is expected. As individuals we are all due to be great! We are all going to live amazing lives. Its simply how we walk that life that differs.

Goals are an amazing way to keep moving forward, keeping focus, keeping your eye on the prize. Whether its the business world or personal world, goals will build that bridge to greatness you just have to undertake the construction of the bridge first.