Overcoming a Negative Mindset

Have you every struggled to get past looking at most things in everyday life as a negative?

“I’m tired!”

“It’s too cold to get up and train!”

“I couldn’t be bothered prepping my food for the week!”

Just constantly complaining about simple things. Stuff that doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and admit I fall into this trap every now and then. In other stages of my life I used to suffer from it quite a bit.

Now more than ever we see many people succumb to the pressure of a negative mindset. The main reason being, life is getting harder. Cost of living is high, fuel prices are high, food is expensive, there’s always bills to pay, we work so much longer now than we used to. All these things can accumulate and really bring stress to an individual or family.

So how we do overcome this mindset? Overcoming a negative mindset is the first step in dealing with all of life’s pressures, allowing us to get on top of them and move forward to lead a better, happier, more fulfilling life.

First step is to consider what we you currently have.

It is important to focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t:

  1. Health

  2. Life

  3. Freedom

  4. Low crime

  5. A place to live

  6. Clean water

  7. A warm meal each night

It’s simple things like the above list that are completely taken for granted. It’s easy to forget many people around the world don’t get the same opportunities that we have, nor the simple ‘basics’ we have.

Stopping for a moment, taking a deep breath and realising how lucky we are is the first step towards a more positive existence.

Next, take a look at those around you.

Family, friends, colleagues. How do they make you feel? Are they supportive, caring, kind, genuine? Unfortunately, when we surround ourselves with negative people we tend to follow suit and eventually begin to think that same way. If you surround yourself with positive, inspiring, happy people, well guess what? You may just in fact find yourself living and breathing happiness also.

Third step is to create goals and dreams for yourself.

Be inspired by those out in the big wide world. Write down your ambitions, your daily, weekly and yearly goals and follow them. Structure your weeks to have more purpose because it is so much more fulfilling when you make a small achievement each week which then leads to a bigger milestone, thus creating a more positive mindset.

In time these goals then create a long-term sustainable outlook. The desire to achieve further goals and navigate through life hitting these objectives can be very satisfying, so be sure to continue this daily or weekly discipline to maintain the cycle of positivity you have created for yourself.

No one said life wouldn’t be challenging, indeed hard at times. But like anything life is what you make of it. We are only on this planet once, therefore we are here to enjoy life, be happy and make the most of it.

A quote I always like to use is ‘We aren’t here for a long time,  just a good time’.

Follow these steps and see what positive outcomes you can achieve over a short and longer period.