Balance and Consistency

Balance and Consistency. These are two keys words thrown around a lot to describe the ‘ideal’ when one’s life is busy between work, personal and other commitments. As a Father of three, life can get very busy at times. Trying to manage three children, work, and personal commitments can be very difficult to juggle.

So what is the answer? What’s the secret to finding that balance and consistency?

Planning & Organisation

For me, I’ve found planning out my week certainly helps. Utilising a weekly planner is a great idea to map out your week one week ahead to visually see what you are doing, what time you have committed, what time you have left and perhaps how you can better manage your time.

With my schedule training is another key attribute to my life which ensures I maintain a strong body and mind. Again this is another thing I have to commit too each week, thus finding time for this as well.

Ill start my week by scheduling out my work commitments whether that be face to face clients, online coaching requirements, blog writing, program building etc. All require the allocated time, all require completion by a certain time and date therefore need to be schedule accordingly and managed effectively. On top of this comes personal commitments such as school drop offs and pick ups, after school activities and weekend family events.

For me again, I enter all of this into my weekly planner. Knowing my week ahead down to the hour allows me to prepare well, organise my time efficiently and co-ordinate any last minute changes effectively.

Being a Personal Trainer with many clients, changes throughout the week is very common therefore often I find myself changing times around to suit. This is exactly why I have the week planned out providing greater opportunity to manage my time and make these changes , where possible, without too much hassle.

I also utilise a scheduling app on my phone to assist with the booking and scheduling process. While it is not ideal to manage more than one schedule or calendar, each schedule I maintain represents a different aspect of my life and for me, this breakdown between work and personal seems to work.

It is amazing that once a week is completed planned how many gaps in your day you will find. 30 minutes here, an hour there all add up which leads into the next section.

Exercise & Nutrition

A lot of the hurdles I hear regrading finding time to train and plan out meals is time.

Thanks to the above effort, we have gone to in the above exercise to plan out each week down to the hour, enables you to schedule in training and meal prepping as needed. If you believe training three days a week is what your body and mind needs, then schedule it into the weekly planner accordingly. Plan it so it before work, after school drop off, after work etc. What will best fit into your schedule but once its in the planner its in your week and schedule to be done.

This also applies to meal prepping. One of the biggest failures for someone trying to get fit and healthy is nutrition. Meal prepping is such a good way to avoid temptation, unplanned meals and keep yourself on track. In order to meal prep you need the time to manage this hence utilising the planner again. Schedule in an hour a week or how long you believe it will take to prep out an entire weeks worth of meals thus it is now in the planner so scheduled to be done.

Family Time

This should always be a priority. Life can get so busy our family and kids become second fiddle to everything else when they should be first. We work to live not live to work so time should be given to spend quality time with family and friends.

Again this is something that can be scheduled in. Whether it be a family meal each week, a movie night, beach time, a bike ride etc if its in the planner then should be scheduled to be done.

This is how I manage my time and by all accounts I am not perfect at this as unexpected circumstances do always present themselves which cause the weekly schedule to change however it is always managed to the best of my ability.

My take home points would be:

  • Plan out each week down to the day and hour ultimately showing the free time you have that you weren’t aware of.

  • Ensure the planner details work, training, meals and family time

  • Stick to the weekly plan as close as possible

  • Manage anomalies each week to the best of your ability to keep your structure intact