Fitness in Social Media: A Motivational Approach

With the age of technology and, even more so, social media bombarding our news feeds with varying images of slim, toned, muscular physiques, it can be hard sometimes to not feel a lack of confidence and somewhat self-conscious about one’s own image.

Change is not Instant

While the overload of images possibly won’t stop, how you control them and how you control your own journey can always be measured. Don’t measure yourself by comparing yourself to others. These images, some real and some not so real, have come about due to that individual’s hard work and dedication to their sport or craft.

Building muscle, toning, getting lean or losing weight takes time, dedication and patience.

There is no magic pill, super-duper shake or crash diet that will expedite the process of achieving one’s health and fitness objective.

The individuals in these images have most likely spent years working towards their current bodies.

You Are Capable of the Same

The point of this blog is not to deter you from what you believe you want to achieve; it is more so to inspire you. Should there be a specific body type out there you want to get close to or a specific weight you want to achieve, then use the images you have seen as motivation. We don’t know the back story of some of these athletes and models and we don’t know if they may have come from hard times or if they had to build their image and business from the ground up.

Speaking from experience, getting to that ideal body type takes a lot of hard work and even more dedication with many setbacks and hurdles along the way. I would love to sit here and tell you how easy it could be; however, after three long years of dedication I still do not believe I am where I can possibly be and will continue to strive to reach that end goal. Why you may ask?

Because I am hungry for more.

Each day I learn new things about myself, about training, about dieting and nutrition and other areas of the health and fitness industry and, while I hone my craft as a personal trainer and educator, my body is my artwork and business card all rolled into one. I therefore demand myself to master the art of training and nutrition to ensure my clients also obtain the best advice and training sessions.

These images on social media have inspired me. I used to think down on myself and believe I could not get to where I wanted to but with the hard work I have put in, my achievements are now closer than ever before.

Take it One Step at a Time from the Ground Up

I strongly recommend anyone who has looked at a body type, an image, a fitness model or fit celebrity and wished to be more like them, to use that as motivation to commit to your end goal and train, diet and work as hard as you can to get there.

You have to look at building one’s body similar to construction of a building. Firstly, you need a strong foundation, followed by experienced architects and engineers to design the structure. Once designed, you build the building, one floor at a time, until the structure is complete.

This is the same for your own body and goals: one step at a time from the ground up. This will ensure a healthy and successful progression towards your end game.

In closing, social media is such a big part of our lives now, and if you are like me, you follow a number of supplement companies, fitness models, etc. and you will see images of their bodies continuously.

My advice is to use these are motivation.

Don’t think that you won’t achieve what you set out to.

Build a plan and follow it. Set small goals first within an achievable timeframe then expand on that. Each goal achieved is a step closer to the end result.