Training in Winter

Ever heard of the saying ‘Summer Bodies are made in Winter’?
It’s a very common marketing campaign but also very true. Winter is the optimal time to get to the gym or go for that regular run or walk when many others don’t.

Why don’t we train more during Winter?

  • Its cold

  • Its wet

  • Its windy

  • Its dark earlier

Where’s the incentive to get up early and exercise with those negatives in our face everyday?

Well, truth be told this is the perfect time and those are the perfect reasons to get up and train and find that motivation.

By putting in the time and commitment throughout the months of winter you are well on your way to earning that Summer body you so desire or achieving your fitness goals by the end of the year.

Need more incentive to train through Winter?

1. The gyms are usually much quieter therefore you can get through your session faster as you are not waiting for equipment

2. Believe it or not the body can actually burn more calories when cold and active

3. Training throughout Winter helps fight off the cold and flu season

4. You are getting yourself well and truly ready for summer by giving yourself a three month head start

5. Winter is a higher period to put on weight as many people resort to comfort food when its cold, however it determined and committed to your goals you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and kae the necessary improvement during this period.

It’s easier said than done right?

Absolutely!  So how do you overcome this?

Set yourself some goals. Look ahead to the end of the year. Perhaps you are going on a holiday? Perhaps you have a big family reunion at Christmas time you want to look good for?

The point is to set a realistic obtainable goal that you can aim towards and that will keep you motivated through Winter. Once you start to see those changes and even more when others start to see those changes you are more motivated than ever to keep pushing.

Research suggests that it can take up to 21 days to form a new habit. If using the gym is your new habit then commit to at least 21 days and see how you feel.

The more consistent your training, the better your sleep.

The better your sleep, the more energy you have.

The more energy you have the more likely you are to train more often and make the commitment to get up early in winter to do so and stick to your goal.

Exercising in Winter doesn’t have to be hard. If you can commit to short term goals that will achieve your long term objective than the incentive to train is ready and waiting.